Join the Madilyn, Abigail, Sofia, Emma, Marty and Zoey as The Polar Elf Innovation Squad helps save the polar crystal and put Christmas back on a track to sustainability. Also, learn more about the origins of their first team innovation, the PolarPort.

How the PolarPort Works

  1. PolarPort emits a wireless signal
  2. Santa’s sleigh connects to the
    PolarPort when it is in range
  3. Santa transmits himself and all
    presents wirelessly into the home
  4. Santa arranges presents, fills stockings
    and attends to the milk and cookies
  5. When finished, he touches the PolarPort and is transmitted back to the sleigh

The PolarPort does more than just explain how Santa gets into your home. It also has a digital naughty-nice meter to incentivize children towards good behavior.

The PolarPort Naughty-Nice Meter

The PolarPort is connected to Santa’s official official naughty-nice list. It glows green when a child is good, and red when they are bad.

To set it up, use the following steps:

  1. Parents download the PolarPort mobile app to their smartphone
  2. Parents assign the PolarPort to a specific child using the mobile app
  3. Parents tell the child that the PolarPortreflects their current status on Santa’s naughty-nice list
  4. Parents control the PolarPort status via the mobile app to reflect behavior

To reinforce the PolarPort story, parents should introduce their children to the Adventures of the Polar Elf Innovation Squad to learn more about the PolarPort and the technologies that make it work. This helps support belief in the PolarPort and/or understanding to make it real.


The Adventures of the Polar Elf Innovation Squad

PolarPort is technology developed by the Polar Elf Innovation Squad that integrates polar crystal magic and modern technologies to help keep Christmas sustainable for generations to come.

For more information on the origins and capabilities of this technology (including pictures), please read the inaugural book in the The Adventures of the Polar Elf Innovation Squad series entitled The Polar Crystal Christmas Crisis. (see Books)

Also, be sure to check out the Videos page for more information about how the books andPolarPort work together.