Hack Day Adventures with the Polar Elf Innovation Squad

Stay tuned to the Polar Elf Innovation Squad as they share some of their hack day ideas and projects to blend polar crystal magic and technology. These are short stories that show how innovation is not always perfect, but nothing beats spending a hack day to kick the tires on an idea. There’s always so much to learn with technology!

Stay Tuned

Join the Madilyn, Abigail, Sofia, Emma, Marty and Zoey as The Polar Elf Innovation Squad helps save the polar crystal and put Christmas back on a track to sustainability. Also, learn more about the origins of their first team innovation, the PolarPort.

This video was put together for the Silicon Labs - Your IoT Connected World Contest [ http://www.youriotcontest.com/about ] The intent is to drum up enough interest around the PolarPort to get it officially designed and manufactured to go along with its corresponding children's book: The Adventures of the Polar Elf Innovation Squad - The Polar Crystal Christmas Crisis.